BioWorx Entire Toilet Cleaner

This is the next step in our full line of eco-friendly household cleaning supplies. We have come up with a toilet cleaner that can be used to clean your whole toilet, inside and out. 

Most toilet cleaners can be used to clean your toilet 7 to 9 times, but this cleaner can clean the inside of your toilet 70 times! If you use it on your entire toilet, it will provide around 35 cleanings too!

Regular toilet cleaners are thick and cling to the sides of your toilet; this means that most of the cleaner isn't even touching the contaminants. This cleaner is much thinner, and highly concentrated, so our cleaner comes in constant contact with the contaminants in your toilet!

Order BioWorx Entire Toilet Cleaner today for an efficient, completely clean toilet!

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Water, Food Grade Citric Acid, Food Grade Lactic Acid, Plant Derived Surfactant, Polymer Surfactant, Chelator, Natural Thickener, All Natural Odor Controller