Over time soap scum, scale, and sebum build up creating a compound that is very difficult to break down and remove. Most shower cleaners only excel in one area or another, but rarely address all three components of dirty showers. Our cleaner is scientifically proven to outperform the best-selling bathroom cleaners, without using any harmful chemicals, we’ll even show you the proof:

This graph represents each cleaners ability to dissolve soap scum and scale. The bars represent the amount of soap scum and scale leftover after the test. You can see that when BioWorx is stacked up against 12 of the leading shower cleaners on the market, it clearly outperforms them all. 

BioWorx Shower Cleaner

For a shower cleaner to be truly effective it must excel in three areas:

1.) Dissolve sebum, which is the waxy oils our bodies produce (typically the dark black stains on the shower or tub floor are sebum mixed with dirt.)

2.) It must dissolve soap scum (calcium stearate and magnesium stearate.) 

3.) The shower cleaner must dissolve calcium carbonate, better known as scale or lime. 

This is exactly what BioWorx Shower Cleaner does. 

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BioWorx hasn’t just formulated the best shower cleaner on the market today, but has done so without using any VOCs, toxins, carcinogens, harsh chemicals, or any other harmful ingredients. No need to worry about the harsh chemical residues most cleaners leave on your shower's surfaces, which are aerated from the steam and absorbed through your skin and lungs.

Aside from being the highest performing shower cleaner, BioWorx Eco-Friendly Shower Cleaner is also one of the safest cleaning products. Here at BioWorx we want to show the world that you don’t have to sacrifice your own, your families, or the environments safety and well-being. The only fragrances we use are completely VOC-free. VOCs (volatile organic compounds) contribute to smog and global warming, are a leading cause of sick home and sick building syndrome, and contribute to approximately 10% of asthma cases. Even many cleaners that are marketed as “eco-friendly” or “green” still contain high levels VOCs. 


Water, Alkyl poly Glycoside (plant based surfactant), Sodium Gluconate, Non-Ionic Surfactant, Citric acid, All Natural Odor Neutralizers, VOC free Fragrance, DFE certified Dye (Design for the Environment)

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