The Story Behind BioWorx

Why would we, as a small company, get into such a competitive industry? We cannot afford the level of advertising big companies have. We cannot afford to sell the cheapest products. So we strive to make the best products. We don't skimp on ingredients to lower costs; we feel it is only fair that someone finally offers a product that truly performs. 

Our goal is to never release a product until we can prove  it's the best, and we take great pride in doing so. We are able to achieve such demanding goals by using only the latest technology in green cleaning, and continually testing our products against the "best" cleaners on the market.

We want to disprove the notion that green cleaners cannot match the performance of harsh cleaning chemicals. We're huge advocates of improving indoor air quality; we feel that this is a largely overlooked problem that can lead to serious health hazards. 

Our chemicals do not contain any toxins, VOC's, carcinogens, mutagens, poisons, or any other harmful chemicals. 

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